DCG — Digital Commerce Group

The how

Your brand is a journey.

The four pillars

We focus on four key aspects to create phenomenal brands. These pillars provide the unshakable foundation for your brand’s powerful story, with a structure to handle rapid growth with ease.

Pillar 1: Create

Building your brand's world


You’ve got big dreams for your brand — tell us. We’ll create the roadmap to make them solid, achievable goals, with clear directions on how to get there.


What makes your brand more unique and appealing than a unicorn delivering ice cream? We’ll help you carve out all your USPs and direct them at the right audience.


Does your brand have the flair of Tony Stark, the charisma of The Rock, or the elegance of Princess Di? We’ll craft an identity that intrigues, charms and resonates with your audience.

Pillar 2: Captivate

Capture your audience’s hearts and minds


Words tell a brand’s story. From homepage copy that enthralls, to newsletters and adverts that entice and excite — we’ll make your story a gripping bestseller.

Visual Branding

Dress like you’re already famous. We’ll help you create awe-inspiring websites, galvanizing graphics and video, and unforgettable logos. The fame will come.

Social Media

Who’s everyone’s popular buddy: witty, funny and looks fantastic? Of course DCG, but also your brand. From FB to Insta, to Twitter and more, we’ll help craft a winning personality to go viral.

Pillar 3: Accelerate

Providing the rocket fuel to power rapid growth

Growth Hacks

From paid media to earned and much more beyond, we’ve got unconventional tricks up our sleeves to spur exponential growth in unique ways, using cutting-edge methods.

Disruptive strategies

Top brands forge bold, new paths instead of following well-worn ones. Our pioneering and disruptive strategies slash through the digital jungle to create clear roads to success.

Guerilla tactics

There are so many things your competitors haven’t even thought of. We differ. We have. We navigate the landscape in unorthodox ways, employing tactics that open back-door channels, capturing growth from unlikely sources.

Pillar 4: Dominate

Don’t look to compete, look to conquer

Operate Differently

Too many businesses try and copy the competition. We’ll help you stand head and shoulders above the rest by doing things differently, so they’re the ones who end up trying to copy you.


We’ll use the hefty social standing you’ve gained from crafting your brand’s strong voice to wield it’s influence far and wide, opening up exclusive opportunities others can’t reach.

Fill the gaps

Laterally expanding puts your brand’s fingers in many more pies. We’ll help you find untapped niches and use your brand’s power to muscle into related industries so you own the landscape.